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Alpha GPC Review

Alpha GPC Review -  Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

Alpha GPC (Alpha-glycerophosphocholine) is a type of cholinergic substance that has the capability to increase cognitive functioning. Research has indicated that it could in fact help with long-term cognitive decline, including reducing the rate of age-induced memory loss.

Not only that, but compound also has the potential to improve athletic performances through its ability to increase growth hormone production in the body and improving muscle strength.

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How to take

Available as a powder or pilled health supplement and features one of the highest concentrates of choline available, with all other main sources of this molecule being found in food. The likes of eggs, milk, and soy all contain choline, but nowhere near the same amount as through supplementation.

As a water soluble compound, this substance is promptly absorbed into our bodies upon consumption, offering a massive intake of the health-promoting choline, the main component of the compound.

Benefits of Alpha GPC

There are two main benefits surrounding this compound. The first and most notable of these is cognitive functioning. Aspects of cognition, such as memory, learning and general thinking have been shown to be improved through the oral consumption of this product.

This is due to the presence of choline and the ability to support higher levels of this in the brain. This supports the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is vitally important for these forms of cognitive functioning.

It is also shown to improve memory loss with the elderly, slowing down age-related cognitive decline. This includes the ability to have a slight positive affect towards mild stages of Alzheimer’s and the associated cognitive decline that comes with the disease.

The second main health benefit of this supplement is related to improvements towards physical health. Athletes in particular will find the supplement beneficial, as it has the ability to improve the rate of growth hormone production.

Not only that, but an increase in levels of power outputs have also been noted through the use of Alpha GPC, so when combined with the benefits towards growth hormones, it has become popular among bodybuilders and power lifters.

Alpha Gpc Dosage

A daily dosage of 600mg is provides ample health benefits that would otherwise not be gained through diet or other supplementation, as this form of choline is regarded as the most effective cholinergic product on the market.

This is the recommended dosage in relation to gaining the physical and cognitive benefits of this substance, but those wishing to gain benefits towards age-related cognitive decline are advised to take a larger dosage that the standard 600mg.

Studies that showcased the benefits on these declines instead used much higher dosages of 1200mg each day. This should be consumed through three separate 400mg doses throughout the day.

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