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Norcoclaurine HCl / Higenamine Review

Norcoclaurine HCl / Higenamine Review - Benefits, Dosage, & Side Effects

Those suffering from breathing problems, weight gain, as well as cardiovascular diseases will have the reason to smile if they make use of Norcoclaurine HCl. Norcoclaurine also known as Higenamine hcl is a powerful compound traditionally used to improve respiratory problems. Recently companies have been adding this product to pre-workout and thermogenic products due to its amazing benefits of focus, increased energy and even fat burning effects.

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What Is Higenamine Hydrochloride?

A chemical compound found in several plants such as: Annona squamosa, Nandina domestica, as well as aconite which are used as supplements for  workouts, improving athletic performance, improving breathing, aiding in weight-loss, etc. This supplement also serves as a remedy for cough, asthma, heart failure, etc.  Further studies also suggest that this compound can be very effective in curing erectile dysfunction and also used as a replacement for DMAA with its stimulant and fat burning abilities. This compound has been in used for long in some Asian countries such as China and Japan; it’s well-known for its tremendous abilities in providing solutions for a variety of ailments.


  • Norcoclaurine HCl has established itself for long as one of the best supplements around to take pre-workout, it provides incredible focus, improves breathing, increase energy, as well as enhancing other mental functions such as brain fog.
  •  Many athletes use this substance especially when they are engaged in weight training and other activities that involve high energy usage.
  • Highly effective sexual aid, because it helps induce relaxation and a common treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves and aids suffering from breathing malfunctions
  • A common ingredient in fat burning supplements.


The most common dosage is 20mg three times daily.

Side Effects

Even though Higenamine has the history of providing solutions for cardiovascular ailments, it is however when used haphazardly because it can cause irregular heartbeat.  Use proper dosage to avoid adverse effects

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