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Octopamine Hcl Review

Complete Octopamine HCL Review - Benefits, Dosage, & Side Effects

Weight-loss is increasingly becoming a global issue among individuals, people see weight gain as one of the things that matters a lot in their lives; some have used viral means and have succeeded while others have tried all possible means and yet couldn’t get positive result. However, it’s important to know that through supplementation weight loss can actually not be such a difficult task.  Octopamine hcl is a lesser-known nootropic family member that has recognition for its effectiveness in energy improvement and enhances motivation. Recently this supplement has been popular in fat burning supplements and formulas due to its strong thermogenic properties.

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What Is Octopamine HCL?

Octopamine HCL, also known as β, 4-dihydroxyphenethylamine is a compound considered as biogenic amine that can accumulate in nerves and mostly found in vertebrates and invertebrates. It’s important to know that, this compound is produced through amino acids. However, studies have shown that this supplement has been discovered to be in high levels in the hypothalamus of vertebrates, and can sometimes cause a rise in blood pressure. Moreover, Octopamine has also been known to function within the norepinephrine systems in the brain which helps to relate with norepinephrine receptors. Further studies also suggest that this substance is used to release norepinephrine which has the ability to improve the brain function.


  • Works similar to the adrenal hormone norepinephrine.
  • A strong thermogenic that safely increases metabolism.
  • Aids memory focus and also enhances motivation.
  • It is tested to be very effective in improving alertness, vigilance, as well as awareness.
  • Because of the presence of norepinephrine property in this supplement, it has the power to connect to adrenergic receptors and increase wakefulness.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity benefiting diabetics, as well as improving the bodies ability to use energy instead of store it as fat.
  • Works as an appetite suppressant
  • Popular with athletes and bodybuilders for fat burning while preserving muscle mass.

    Anyone who needs more energy or help burning fat would benefit from this product.


    Because of the high effects of this supplement, it is medically advised that a dosage of 100mg – 300mg should be taken in a day. Failure to consider this specification may result to complications.

     Side Effects

    While this is considered safe for human consumption, and there hasn’t been any identified significant side effect so far, it is important to know that this supplement is capable of causing an increase in high blood pressure in humans.

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