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Phenibut Review

Phenibut Review - Benefits, Dosage, & Side Effects

Life is difficult. Many-a-times we get caught in the middle of situations and we find it difficult to cope with the effects. This brings anxiety, lack of sleep, stress, and can sometimes lead to depression. The good news  is there are a variety of supplements that can help relieve or eliminate these undesirable feelings. Phenibut is a popular health supplement known for reducing stress, anxiety, and helping with drepression.

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What Is Phenibut?

Phenibut, also known as Fenibut, Phenybut, Beta-Phenyl-GABA; is a nootropic compound developed in Russia, to support cognitive functions and provide solutions for a variety of health related issues including anxiety, depression, as well as other mental issues. Studies have found out that this supplement is known to be highly effective in relieving stress, nervousness, and obsessive thoughts.  Phenibut is also seen as a chemical compound which is often times regarded as the brain chemical – GABA, used mostly through supplementation in providing relieve for a variety of ailments.

Phenibut Benefits

Even from the explanations above, you don’t need to be told that this supplement can benefit almost everyone; we all experience some form of anxiety, stress, and nervousness. It is wise to know that your health is paramount, and if you want to live a healthy, happy life we need to limit certain feelings that can have huge negative impacts on our lives, such as stress and anxiety. However, here are a few health benefits of Phenibut and how it can benefit you.

  • Reduces fear, anxiety, tension, stress, and depression.
  • Reduces nervousness, and obsessive thoughts
  • Promotes sense of calm
  • Phenibut is also useful in improving memory, thinking, learning, as well as focus.
  • Those suffering from insomnia can make use of this supplement by helping calm the mind to make it easier to fall asleep.

Phenibut Dosage

Medical professionals suggest that a measure of 200mg – 250mg should be taken for best result on a daily basis. Many users take much higher doses but it's best to start low and see how your body responds before increasing dosage.

Phenibut Side Effects

While this supplement has proven to be effective in many ways, there are no adverse effects associated with proper dosage.  However, some users report side effects of mild headaches when taking higher doses.

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