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Phosphatidylserine Review

Phosphatidylserine Review - Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Are you looking to improve memory and overall brain cognition? Phosphatidylserine is a popular nootropic substance that expands learning capacity, improves memory, and can slow down the ageing process of the brain.

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What Is Phosphatidylserine?
By definition, this supplement is an aminophospholipid- a unique type of fat that 2-10% of all fat cells in the human body are made of.
This substance is found in every cell in the human body.
The brain contains a high amount of phosphatidylserine for the use of membranes and neurons.
The average intake through food in western countries is around 120 mg daily.
Many people supplement with this substance to increase daily intake and gain numerous benefits.


  • This product improves a range of different mechanisms in the brain including
  • Improved memory
  • Expands learning capacity
  • Improved mental energy, focus, and concentration.
  • Benefits are considered long term compared to other nootropics.
  • Can help slow ageing of the brain
  • Beneficial for the treatment of ADD, ADHD and bipolar disorders.

Practically everyone would benefit in multiple ways from taking this supplement.


The standard dosage for this supplement, across the world, is between 100 to 500 mg daily. Best practices start low and only increase when it becomes necessary, and you are familiar with effects.

Side Effects

Few side effects identified with this supplement
insomnia (rarely)
stomach upset
And possibly other GI issues

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