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Theacrine Review

Theacrine Review - Dosage, Side Effects and Benefits

Are you a caffeine addict dependent on high doses because of high tolerance to stimulants? Theacrine is a natural stimulant and a counterpart to caffeine; a stimulant, yet superior to caffeine in the sense that the body does not build up a tolerance keeping dosages low and consistent. This supplement is used in a variety of pre-workout, fat burners, and mood enhancing supplements and provides numerous health benefits including energy boosting, mood enhancement, improved memory and more!

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What Is Theacrine?

This stimulant substance is an alkaloid molecule that many believed it as a modified version of caffeine, which has positive effects on the body.
A natural occurring, plant extract substance.
Found in the plant Camilla assamica and used in Chinese tea consumed by many people on daily basis.
Theacrine is quickly becoming a favorite supplement all around the world due to its many uses such as weight reduction, mood enhancement, memory boosting, as well as an energy boosting stimulant.
Also, this substance can make you feel good and keep you in a good mood all throughout the day. One of the fascinating things about this supplement is that it has been used as tea ingredients to make them healthy and nutritious for human consumption.


Medical practitioners suggest that Theacrine has the same level of potency with some top supplements in the world, and it’s very useful in building energy in the body.
  • Increased Energy- very similar to caffeine, but no tolerance build up.
  • Increased metabolism- can significantly aid in weight-loss
  • Improved mood-  increase dopamine levels in the brain
  • Health liver-help protect against liver disease
  • Decrease chronic inflammation-

25 - 50 mg per day will be a very safe and conservative dosage for users.
No tolerance build up keeping dosages low and consistent.

Side Effects
Very safe and well tolerated for most users.
Some possible side effects include:
jitters, etc

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