Powder or Pills in 85 Beneficial Ingredients

Wholesale Health Market was founded in the January 2016 by a group of health enthusiast that set out to provide the cheapest way to buy health ingredients possible.   As consumers of many health supplements we took a look at where the supplement industry was falling short and really letting consumers down.  


There are a few different reasons why supplement prices are as high as they are. First if you buy supplements from a brick and motor store that has higher overhead business cost the cost will be passed on to the customer resulting in higher product cost. This is why GNC and vitamin shoppe are more expensive than online stores.  Second, processed supplements.  Every time a product requires more processes before it reaches the customer those extra processes are accompanied with more mark up cost.  At Wholesale Health Market we provide a way for consumers to buy in raw powder form of health ingredients.  This allows us to sell our powders for a fraction of what brand names charge for the convenience of pill form.

  We buy our ingredients directly from manufactures in bulk kilogram prices and then sell to our loyal customers in personal use quantities.  That's it, no big mark up, no extra processes, just the simplest way of getting health supplements from manufacturer to consumer at the cheapest price possible.


No bogus supplements:

The supplement world is riddled with fraud. Companies are constantly pushing and selling products that have very little or even NO evidence for the claims they are making about a certain supplement.  Proof of how deep this fraud goes one can just look how many times Dr. Oz has been sued for promoting supplements that have ZERO proof of beneficial effects.  Thankfully many people are smart enough to demand evidence and research to support claims of beneficial health ingredients.   So that is exactly what we did.  We only sell ingredients that have been studied,  and researched for of beneficial effects. This is a very tedious task of collaborating hundreds of research links and articles to link to allowing our customers to make the best decisions when it comes to their health and supplementation.  Even though we are up and selling our health powders we have not uploaded all of these articles and links yet due to the amount to effort it takes to do so.  We will have all our research links set up by May 1, 2016.

We are located in just outside Salt Lake City Utah with a small team of 5 dedicated health enthusiast.  We love to hear from our customers ane what they think of our service. Feel free to contact us anytime at Wholesalehealthmarket@gmail.com.



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