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Artichoke Extract

Artichoke extract:

Artichoke extract has shown real promise when it comes to producing health results with workouts and fitness programs. Artichoke extract is a concentrated version of the same types of nutrients that you would find in artichoke plant and studies have been conducted using as much is 6000 mg of the extract per day with completely safe results.

Artichoke extract can have a number of different properties when it comes to human health and training:

  • Metabolic adjustment: This type of extract has been shown to make metabolic adjustments especially when used in combination with white kidney bean extract. Artichoke appears to be fairly effective at reducing food intake which can help with BMI improvements.
  • Improving digestion: Regular doses of artichoke extract has been shown to induce the secretion of various bio compounds which can improve the acids of the intestines. This can reduce cholesterol values and improve digestion.
  • Improving energy levels: artichoke extract has shown promising results with the reduction of glucose spikes through the day. This could result in more energy that you can gain from your meals without the same type of crash that you experience after activity. The calories that you eat can actually go further into providing you with energy.
  • Improved fiber: artichoke extract contains extra fiber which can help with overall digestive health as well as have prebiotic properties. Using this extract could make eating a balanced diet much easier.
  • Improving overall cholesterol values: artichoke extract can drastically improve cholesterol levels by increasing the ratio of good cholesterol too bad cholesterol. Maintaining your levels of HDL (good cholesterol) can be much easier with the help of regular doses of this extract.
  • High antioxidant: artichoke extract also has one of the highest recorded antioxidant contents of any vegetable-based extract. This can work to improve the look of skin, improve the condition of your hair and protect you from UV damage.
Overall there are many benefits to using artichoke extract regularly and you should consider taking it if you want to see these benefits and more!


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