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Green Tea Extract


If you only drink green tea, then you probably don’t have to worry about some mild medical conditions that may likely befall you. Liver related diseases, weight-gain, and diabetes are among the most terrible health conditions affecting this generation; however, the Green tea extract has been able to provide solutions for most of these troubling health conditions and the supplement has now been widely used across the globe. Today, if you’re looking for the top 5 most popular supplements in the world, arguably the Green tea will find its way on the list. This is because scientists have proven that, this supplement has been very helpful and has helped saves many people’s lives. Find out below, some important information you need to know about the Green tea extract.

What Is Green Tea Extract?

Medical professionals across the globe have given credits to Green teat extract regarding it as the healthiest beverages on the planet. The Green tea extract is a supplement loaded with antioxidants and nutrients which are used in taking care of the body by improving brain function, lowering cholesterol, aiding fat-loss, as well as reducing the risk of cancer. These attributes have made Green tea extracts stands different among others because it has incredible benefits to human lives. Green tea extracts, also known as Camellia Sinensis or Catechins, is a source from plants which is converted into water-soluble poyphenols and extracted from the leaves to form water and use for consumption. This supplement has the history of improving the body system and provides solutions for a variety of medical conditions. Green tea extracts also serves as anti-obesity, anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic, neuro-protective, as well as anti-artherogenic, etc. Its benefits to humans are considered immeasurable, because there are other benefits of this tea which are yet to be figured out.

Green Tea Extract Benefits

Green has a number of health benefits, of which we may not mention all because the benefits are absolutely infinite. However, here are a few:

  • Taking Green tea extracts on daily basis will help improve the liver function and prevent it from diseases.
  • It is also beneficial for blood vessel health.
  • It aid fat-loss faster than anyone can imagine.
  • It serves as anti-diabetic supplement and can help treat chronic diabetes.
  • Taking Green tea extracts on daily basis can make you smarter, because it improves the brain function.
  • Green improves and increases sexual performance in men.
  • It serves as anti-oxidants and can lower any risk of cancer.
  • Green tea helps protect the brain at old age by lowering the risk of Alzheimer diseases.

Green Tea Extract Dosage

It’s important to understand that Green tea extract can come in many forms, it may come in capsules, and it may also come in powder and so on and so forth. However, it dosage is recommended that it should be to be taken between 200mg to 500mg daily depending on the purpose you are taking it.

Green Tea Extracts Side Effects

Some of the possible side effects as a result of taking this supplement include:

  • When taken higher than the prescribed dosage (because of the amount of EGCG in it) it is capable of causing liver damage, kidney malfunction, diarrhea, vomiting, and more.


The only caution we will suggest is that, while Green tea is considered safe for consumption, it is important not to get addicted to it, because when the amount of its properties is too much in your body, complications are surely bound to surface.


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