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L -Carnitine

Benefits of Taking L-Carnitine

Among others, this is a supplement that is taken by many people because of its asserted benefits for cardiovascular health. If you have heart problems, taking this supplement can be a good idea. Some of the conditions that are most commonly addressed by this supplement include irregular heart rhythms, peripheral vascular disease, and congestive heart failure.

More so, L-carnitine is also believed to be useful in sports and muscle metabolism. It is commonly used by athletes because of its asserted effects in terms of improving sport performance. It helps the body to utilize lesser amount of glucose during physical activity, which does not only enhance performance but can also significantly lessen exhaustion. It is also believed to be highly effective in improving muscle recovery following a strenuous physical activity.

L-Carnitine is also essential for the improvement of brain health. It has a property known as acetyl L-carnitine or ALC, which is responsible for neuroprotective benefits. In fact, it is also taken by people who have Rett syndrome, which is a problem with the brain development.

Sperm motility is another benefit that can be addressed by L-Carnitine. In one study that involved Italian men as participants, 78% of them have demonstrated significant improvement in sperm count after a daily 3-gram dose of L-Carnitine.

Lastly, L-carnitine can also be used to aid in weight loss. Human and animal studies have been conducted in the past, and they were in unison with the conclusion that the supplement can be instrumental in muscle deposition and weight loss. This is done through helping the body to be more efficient in burning fat.

Recommended Dosage

If you are planning to take L-carnitine, it is important to follow the recommended dose in order to fully achieve its benefits and to minimize the likelihood of suffering from side effects. Ideally, you should take 500 to 2,000 milligrams of the supplement daily. You can have it taken as a single does or be spread in smaller doses throughout the day.

Possible Side Effects

Generally speaking, taking L-carnitine is safe when the recommended dose is followed. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, however, stay away from its use. Some of its possible side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. When these side effects become apparent, discontinue use and consult with a health professional.


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