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Pine Bark Extract


Now-a-days, technology has been making life easier by helping people in one way or the other. Scientific studies, couple with technology improvement in the contemporary has done a great job in producing so many supplements that can take care of our health. The Pine Bark Extract is one of those supplements we’re talking about, and has gain positive reputation among users worldwide for its amazing efforts in controlling diabetes, providing solutions for erectile dysfunction, as well as general health improvement. Find out below, more about this supplement.

What Is Pine Bark Extract?

Pine Bark Extract, also known as Pycogenol is a substance used as supplement that is very similar to grape seed extracts, green tea extract, and cocoa polyphenols respectively. Pine bark has long been under clinical investigation and has found out to be very essential for human health. Most of the studies revealed that, Pine Bark Extracts has significant importance in enhancing nitric oxide which has a very powerful effect in treating sexual dysfunction and ail proper blood flow. Moreover, Pine Bark Extract has been identified to have numerous benefits to humans, which is why uncountable studies have been in place in order to find out more about its effectiveness for human consumption. One of the fascinating aspects of Pine Bark Extract is that it is an anti-oxidant and is known to have significant impact in tackling a lot of medical conditions. Find out more about its benefits and uses to human lives.

Pine Bark Extract Benefits

  • Pine Bark Extract is an anti-aging supplement and can be used by people in almost all age categories.
  • Diabetic patients can enjoy this supplement to the fullest, because investigation shows that it is capable of providing relieve for the ailment.
  • Those with erectile dysfunction are using the Pine Bark Extract and are getting positive result on daily basis.
  • It is also used as anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Another investigation suggests that Pine Bark Extract decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • It’s shown to improve skin quality.
  • Pine Bark Extract is also useful in improving cognitive performance in human body.

Pine Bark Extract Dosage

It’s important to know that different conditions may warrant this supplement to be taken differently. However, the recommended dosage for Pine Bark Extract is from 40mg – 200mg and it is advisable to be taken twice in a day.

Pine Bark Extract Side Effects

There is no significant evidence about the side effect of Pine Bark Extract; however, when taken overdose it can cause the following:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach disturbances
  • Mouth ulcers
  • And dizziness.


  • Pregnant and breastfeeding moms are not advised to use Pine Bark Extract for safety purposes.
  • Talk to your doctor when you decide to use this supplement, you will get helpful advice.


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