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It’s important to know that there are a number of supplements that are being used in aiding the body system (including the brain) to function effectively, and Piracetam is one. Piracetam is regarded as the parent compound of the Racetam family and also a compound in a class of nootropic supplements. The main function of Piracetam is to help provides a mild boost to the brain in order to function effectively.

What Is Piracetam?

Piracetam is a water-soluble molecule and a member of a group of synthetic supplements produced to provide cognitive boost and also helps to treat cognitive impairments. Piracetam has a long history of being a great help to people who are in a state of cognitive decline as well as those that are in the process of aging. It is important to understand, scientific studies revealed that while Piracetam is an important supplement that aid longevity, it is also of less use to healthy people; however, anyone can take this supplement because it is one of these products that will never be a waste when it comes to human health.

Piracetam Powder Benefits

  • Preliminary investigations suggest that Piracetam can be more effective for older people, because it has the attributes that aid longevity and supports life.
  • Studies have also found out that Piracetam can reduce the chances of a breath-holding spell in children.
  • Piracetam has also been discovered to correlate and improve the brain function with increased blood and oxygen flow.
  • Piracetam aid great memory retention and improves studies or learning.
  • Piracetam is a supplement that boosts creativity and improves communication abilities in the brain.
  • Several studies revealed that Piracetam provides solutions for mental impairments and also improves the level of alertness to the task at hand.
  • Piracetam is also a supplement that enhances cellular membrane fluidity.


Piracetam Dosage

Piracetam, like every other compound of the Racetam family in the Nootropic class, has a way you can take it and feel better. The standard dosage for this supplement is categorized in two forms: first, is for children and they’re expected to take between40-100mg a day. However, it is important to know that the dose is intended for the treatment of breath-holding spells in children and those with a health condition such as dyslexia can also take this supplement. On the other hand, adults should take between 1,200mg – 4,800mg a day. However, experts suggest that the effective dosage to be taken is 1600 and it should be taken three times a day.

Piracetam Side Effect

Studies have shown that the side effects Piracetam can cause is just a normal mild headache; however, choline sources can be taken along with the supplement in order to help prevents the severity of the headache.


Piracetam is known to be a water-soluble molecule; therefore, it does not need to be taken with food.


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