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Schisandra Extract


Now-a-days people are turning to dietary supplements because of the effectiveness they have in taking care of the body’s general health condition and its compatibility to variety of diet. Schisandra extract is being used as supplement across the globe by many people and it’s believed to have effects in reducing anxiety, stress, and cortisol, etc with a tart taste. This supplement has gained recognition especially in the regions of China and Russian where it is highly utilized for different purposes; it is tested and trusted for its effectiveness in providing solutions to a number of medical conditions without any hassle.

What Is Schisandra Extract?

Schisandra extract (also known as Schizandrol A, Omija Cha, Gomishi, Repnihat, Wuweizi, Lemonwood, and Northern Magnolia Vine) is a Chinese traditional medicine extracted from the vine which grows mostly in Far East of Russia as well as China. Many scientist and users have given credits to this supplement for its unending performance in improving health condition and reliving stress, fatigue, and anxiety. One of the fascinating things about Schisandra extract is that it possesses a potent adaptogen property that enables it to perform a variety of functions in human body. This supplement is surely one of the best of its kinds because there’s no amount of stress, anxiety, as well as fatigue it can’t get rid of.

Schisandra Extract Benefits

It’s important to know that every supplement has lots of benefits, which you may not be able to know all. However, here are a few of the ones we know.

  • Schisandra extract is a Chinese traditional medicine that is highly effective in relieving stress and fatigue. You can take this supplement to gain relieve whenever you are exhausted.
  • Due to the amount of cholinergic and adaptogenic properties in it, Schisandra extract is capable of improving the brain function, increase memory and also helps increase the level of mental focus and alertness.
  • It also helps to reduce anxiety and some forms of depression.
  • Many people claimed that Schisandra extract can be supplemented to treat stomach disorders, although enough evidence is lacking to back this claim.

Schisandra Extract Dosage

Scientific research suggest that since this supplement  is an extract not the plant itself, a little amount of it might be required to provide effective remedy for a particular condition. Therefore, the standard dosage for Schisandra extract as endorsed by medical practitioners is 50mg a day. However, it is most effective when combined with other supplements with similar characteristics and functions.

Schisandra Extract Side Effects

No side effects have been identified to be associated with this supplement, it is considered safe for human use.


Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to stay away from Schisandra extract to avoid complications.


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