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If there are long existing supplements which are being used for centuries and still being utilized in the contemporary world, then Theobromine is one. This is a nitrogen-based supplement that is widely used among many people around the world. Theobromine is a natural extract from plants, and is mostly found in cocoa bean and hundreds of plant species around the globe. As an alkaloid, it gives its best when taken as supplement and it can be used by people of all age categories. Some of the notable benefits it presents include: energy boosting, improves appetite, fat-loss, increase cognitive performance, etc.

What Is Theobromine?

Theobromine, also known as:  Theominal, Riddospas, Seominal, Theobrominum, and Santheose; is an alkaloid of the nitrogen-based compound which belongs to the compound of chemicals known as methylxanthines and is used as stimulant to promote heart health, reduce fat, regulate cholesterol, and improves cognitive performance. Scientists have discovered that, Theobromine supplement is mostly found in a variety of plants and in compound of chocolates such as cocoa and the likes. It is highly beneficial to humans and can be used to tackle a variety of health-related conditions that affect us in our daily lives.

Theobromine Benefits

No doubt, that Theobromine is tremendously important when used as supplement; it has a number of health benefits associated with our bodies. Here are a few.

  • It aids proper blood flow by acting tremendously-well in the verves and veins causing them to relax, which in turn, improve blood flow.
  • It is also known for its effectiveness as energy booster. You can use this supplement if you want to get fit and remain strong everyday.
  • It is highly effective in weight reduction.
  • Theobromine can positively affect the level of cholesterol by regulating and maintaining its flexibility.
  • There have been reports that athletes and bodybuilders used Theobromine from time to time to help keep them in good shape and make them, fit for their activities.

Theobromine Dosage

The right dosage for taking Theobromine has been given as 500mg in a day. For best used, you may split the dosage and take it twice a day.

Theobromine Side Effects

After several studies and consultations, reports concerning the side effect of Theobromine have been positive and it is considered as 100% safe for use.


Knowing that Theobromine is a similar compound to caffeine, it is advisable not to use it when you are not up to 18 years. Also, people with high blood pressure, pregnant and nursing mothers, are advised to stay away from Theobromine for safety purposes.


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