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Tumeric Curcumin


If you’ve been wondering in what way ginger is useful to the body, knowing about Curcumin will be an eye opener to you, because ginger is regarded as one of the sources of Curcumin. Gone are those days when you will be battling with health condition and only wait until a doctor examines you before taking action. Today, there are supplements which can take care of your ailments even without seen a doctor; all you have to do is to get the right prescription from a medical personal and you are good to go. It’s important to know that Curcumin is one of the active ingredients of turmeric and is medically known as an effective anti-inflammatory agent, which also helps prevent cancer. Find out below, what this supplement is all about.

What Is Curcumin?

Curcumin, also known as Diferuloylmethane, JiangHuang, Curcuma Longa, Curcumin I, C.I. 75300, and Natural Yellow 3; is an active ingredient of turmeric in which studies have found out to have some amount of ginger and black pepper in it. Research has also shown that Curcumin is primarily used to improve joint health, while working as cholinergic. It also synergizes perfectly-well with piperine to improve its bioavailability. Further research on Curcumin has also found out that this supplement can blend well with fish oil to provided solution for a variety of ailments and also work as anti-oxidants.

Curcumin Benefits

Curcumin can present a number of benefits to humans, of which some are yet to be discovered. However, here are some of the notable benefits of this supplement in our daily lives.

  • Curcumin serves as anti-inflammatory agent and can help prevent any risks that are attributed to inflammation.
  • Scientific study also reveals that, Curcumin has the power to prevent cancer and also helps to improve liver functions.
  • Another benefit Curcumin presents to us is that, it has the ability to alleviate cognitive decline in the process of aging.
  • It aids our heart to remain healthy and also has some effects in reducing plague level in arteries.
  • Further studies on Curcumin also found out that its effect is powerful enough to reduce the risk of diabetes in humans.

Curcumin Dosage

It’s good to understand that, different consultants may prescribe different dosage depending on the condition of the patient, but the general recommended dosage for Curcumin is to be taken between 400mg to 500mg per day.

Curcumin Side Effects

Limited evidence about the side effects of this supplement suggests that:

  • Curcumin can suppress the immune system at a very high concentration if taken haphazardly.
  • It can also cause DNA damage (although on rare cases)


Considering the side effects Curcumin may have on humans, it is advisable to take only a prescribed dosage in order to avoid complications. Also, consult a medical practitioner before taking this supplement for best result. This is nothing but a precautionary measure.


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