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Zinc Gluconate

Zinc Gluconate - Review of Benefits and Deficiency Symptoms

Are you always fighting colds and other seasonal diseases? Would you be interested in improving your immune system, dopamine levels, brain health, and testosterone levels? If so, you should add zinc gluconate to your supplements. Many people do not consume enough zinc through their daily diet and are missing out on the amazing benefits this element can provide.


What is Zinc Gluconate?

Zinc is a metal and classified as an essential trace element. Like other trace elements, the human body needs tiny amounts of these minerals to operate and function optimally. Deficiencies in essential trace elements such as zinc can have dramatic adverse effects, such as stunted growth, chronic fatigue and even increase the risk of cancer.
Zinc is an essential mineral because it is in every tissue in the human body and a key player in the cellular division. Zinc is most known for its immune boosting properties and is the main ingredient in many over the counter cold, and flu medications.
How does Zinc Work?
Zinc has many different roles inside the body. Total zinc levels in the body determine the efficiency of its use as well as its effects on the body.
In all forms, Zinc is an antioxidant and removes free radicals from the body, protecting against disease and even cancer. Additionally, this mineral affects both red and white blood cells, multiple hormones, brain function, as well as protein synthesis.
Zinc Deficiency Symptoms
Deficiencies cause infertility in both men and woman. For men, this is a critical element for healthy testosterone levels and prostate health. Low zinc levels inhibit testosterone production and put organs such as the prostate at risk of cancer development. For women zinc is involved in the growth and formation of the egg. Low levels in women prevents the egg from developing properly, and ovulation is impeded resulting in infertility.
Deficiencies increase the ageing process and amplify the adverse effects of stress on the body.
Low levels of zinc severely lower the strength of the immune system.
Some deficiency symptoms may be hard to identify because of the broad associations with other health conditions. Other symptoms of deficiency include poor memory, inability to focus, delayed wound healing, and ADD like symptoms.
Deficiencies in this mineral are not just in malnourished individuals. Rather many people are deficient throughout the U.S. and other well-developed countries.
Vegetarians, Alcoholics, women on birth control, and large groups of people who eat a lot of cereal all are at high risk of being deficient and having adverse effects.
All Humans need adequate amounts of zinc to operate properly. Things that are affected are energy levels, physical performance, and body composition.


Greater production of testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). This improves:
• Physical performance and strength
• Support Male and Female Reproductive Health and Fertility
• Cancer prevention
• Protects from prostate inflammation
• Improves Insulin Sensitivity
• Improved Immune system
• Improve cognition and overall brain health
• Helps avoid depression

Zinc is an incredible nutrient that benefits the human body in many different ways. Getting the proper amount of zinc will improve neurotransmitters such as dopamine, hormones such as testosterone, and fights off diseases boosting health, longevity, and wellness.

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